After graduating from St. John's University in 2006, I (Giancarlo De Lellis) took over the family business and began working as a stone and tile subcontractor for some of New York City's most sought after builders, architects, and interior designers specializing on high end residential construction projects. 


While gaining experience and a passion for building, I quickly learned that the standard approach for clients looking to renovate would be for a client to hire an architect who would handle floor plans and DOB submissions, a separate designer to help select materials and finishes, and eventually a general contractor to put it all together. More often then not, this approach would add unncessary expenses to an already costly process, result in extensive delays, and end up in a situation 

where all parties are playing the blame game


After being in too many uncomfortable situations as a subcontractor and faced to bite my tongue when clients were taking the blame or spending extra money "just to get the job done", I was determined to build a business that would save my clients valuable time, money, and frustrations by providing a turnkey service that could handle a renovation from 'conception to completion' thru INNOVATE NEW YORK ..

Innovate New York offers a full range of services for the high-end residential renovation where the focus on details, communication, and the client’s vision are top priorities. With an in-house architect, a network talented interior designers, endless material sources, and a field team of sixteen highly skilled workers - the process couldn't be easier.